Traction oil service – how simple

The traction avant is the easiest car I own to do a basic service. There is no oil filter, so the oil is simply drained and topped up. The transmission is right up front, and not obscured by the ducting of the DS, so it can be done while sitting in front of the car. […]

DS Oil Service

It was time again for another service for the DS. Last time, the gear oil in the transmission was quite dirty so even though it didn’t need to be done again, I thought it would make sense to change the oil in there too. I also had a tip from the forum that using Castrol […]

General Maintenance on the DS

Today did more maintenance on the Citroen DS, including:

Oil and filter change Rotate tyres Cleaned all the dirt out of the space behind the rear wings Changed the small ID style hubcaps on the rear for the correct DS type

Still a bit of work to get this car where I want it, but […]