The new Mercedes-Benz Museum, 2008

The Mercedes-Benz museum is the best of the manufacturer museums I have been to. I was able to visit the new museum in 2008, which was a couple of years after it opened, replacing the old museum. I was already very impressed with the old museum and this new one was a big leap ahead. […]

The old Mercedes-Benz Museum, 2003

The current Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart opened in 2006, but it wasn’t new. There was a previous Museum that was replaced. The previous Museum was smaller, but it was still an excellent museum. It featured the most famous cars like the 30s F1 cars, the 500K, Gullwing etc. I was able to visit the old […]

The Gilmore Museum, 2010

The Gilmore museum is one of the worlds best car museums. I was able to visit back in 2010 when I lived in Michigan and it was a highlight. A friend of mine and I took a trip there in my E-Type, a nice 2 hour drive from Detroit. The museum is located in Western […]

The Peterson Museum

I had the opportunity for a short visit to the Peterson Museum, after my flight out of Los Angeles was canceled. I had always wanted to go to see the museum after seeing a few of the cars featured on Jay Leno’s Garage (for example Steve McQueen’s XKSS).

The museum has two parts, the public […]

The new Gosford Car Museum

The Gosford Car museum just opened, and Australia now has a classic car museum to rival some of the museums of the world. Having been to some great Museums around the world, this one certainly holds its own. I was able to accompany the RROC and explore the museum. Plenty of the cars on the […]

The BMW Museum, Munich

I was recently in Munich and was able to spend some time at the BMW Museum. It is a nice museum and well worth a look, and you can see most of it in about an hour and a half.

They have some nice exhibits, covering the history of their motorbikes, the first car which […]

The Citroen DS was launched 60 years ago this month

In October 1955, Citroen unveiled one of the most innovative cars ever designed. There have been plenty of new cars that have introduced a new technology, or even a couple, but the DS was so radical that it immediately made everything else on the market seem old fashioned – And this was just the looks. […]

Auto Collection Las Vegas

The Auto Collections at Las Vegas bills itself as the worlds largest Classic car showroom. It is basically a classic car dealership that also allows the general public in to ‘view the collection’ for a fee. This means that the cars are changing (except for about 10% that are not for sale), and it is […]

Autoworld Brussels

The last museum I visited while in Europe was Autoworld Brussels. It is a large museum right in the middle of Brussels and has a large collection of interesting cars, including former royal cars of the Belgian royal family.

It was a very nice museum, although not as good as the Louwman Museum.

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The Louwman Museum

During my recent trip to Europe, I went to the Louwman Museum, in The Hague, Netherlands. I cannot recommend this museum highly enough. It is superb. The collection is excellent, it is well laid out, and has good descriptions in English.

Some highlights:

Rare and interesting cars from before 1900 The largest collection of Benz […]