Ad of the week: Fiat 1100

This is a really odd Fiat ad for the 1100.    The text covers some of its features, but the picture and the reference to the tolls is bizarre.    Obviously they are staying it is so fuel efficient that tolls won’t be a problem.

Fiat Tolls

Ad of the week: Mercedes 230SL

This is a great Ad for the W113 230SL depicting it as a temptress preying on well heeled men.   It would been seen as Sexist today but I think it is rather clever and fits in well with the car.

Mercedes 230SL Men with Money

Ad of the week: Jaguar Mk2 3.8

This ad show the Mk2 3.8l Jaguar for the US market.  It is a rather odd ad in that it depicts the car in some kind of storm, but the car is so small you can hardly see it.   The Styling and performance are the two big buying reasons for the 3.8 mk2 and this ad doesn’t really accentuate either of them.

Jaguar 3.8

The new Gosford Car Museum

The Gosford Car museum just opened, and Australia now has a classic car museum to rival some of the museums of the world.    Having been to some great Museums around the world, this one certainly holds its own.   I was able to acompany the RROC and explore the museum, and plenty of the cars driving there would have fit right into the collection.

What stands out is the range of the collection – there really is something for everyone and not everything is a multi-million dollar Ferrari there is some really interesting stuff in there.   They had a really interesting section for communist cars (including a rare Gaz Chaika – a car for high ranking party officials), a car called the Black Prince, and all the usual favorites.

The best represented marques were probably Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Jaguar.     But there were loads of great oddballs as well – for example a brace of Bedford trucks.  I think the highlight of the museum is supposed to be the huge Ferrari collection, and it certainly is impressive, but for me it was quite low on the list compared to some of the other cars to see.     Some of my favorites:

  • Mercedes 300S
  • The red 300SL
  • The Invicta Black Prince
  • A little boat tailed Fiat
  • XK140 FHC
  • Bentley S2 Continental
  • The Tatraplan
  • Mazda Cosmo

It was also really nice to see models near each other for comparison, e.g. a 220S Mercedes Ponton and a 220S Mercedes Fintail.   Or A Rolls Royce Phantom VI next to a Silver Cloud III.

Apparently the cars are for sale, although they do not have prices listed.   I would have liked a bit more description of the various cars, and the cafe was seriously overwhelmed, taking 55 minutes to bring out a hamburger, but these are all small teething problems for an excellent museum which will hopefully thrive.

Rolls Royce Club club drive to the Gosford Car Musem

Today I was fortunate enough to join the Rolls Royce club for their drive to the new Gosford Car Museum.    I am not a member of the club but was invited by a friend who is.   I had wanted to visit the new museum since it opened a few weeks ago and a drive up the old pacific highway with some Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys sounded like a great idea.    They had a nice selection of cars, mostly Silver Shadows and Silver Spirits but also a 1930’s car (from memory a 25/30) and a couple of older Bentleys (an S and I think an R series).   Last year I went to their concours event as a spectator and it was well worth it.

I took my DS which actually shares some of the Hydraulic systems with these cars – the Silver Shadow has hydraulics based on the old Citroen red fluid system and the Silver Spirit has the green fluid system same as my DS.   The hydraulics are not as extensively used as in the Citroen, but they are used for the brakes and self leveling suspension (along with regular springs and shocks).

I would like to own one of these cars one day – I am partial to a Bentley S series.

Ad of the week: Citroen DS Aerodynamic Styling

This Citroen Ad from 1963 covers a key selling point of the DS which was that its Aerodyamic Styling allows it to have a fairly small engine giving good fuel consumption but still allowing a 100mph top speed.   This shows a 2nd nose DS and shows various streamlining features that allow this performance and fuel consumption.

Citroen DS Aerodynamic

2010 Arthritis Auto Show – Columbus Ohio

In July 2010 I went to the Arthritis Auto show in Columbus Ohio.   As I understand it this show raises money for the Arthritis foundation and there was a really great selection of cars on display.   I was living in Detroit, Michigan at the time and so it was about a four hour drive each way, but well worth it.   I didn’t have this website  at the time and I was recently looking at the photos again so thought I would post them.

The cars were quite different to the normal cars on Display at Australian shows.   There was a lot more variety of muscle cars than the normal Mustangs and Camaros that have ended up here and there were some other interesting models such as Al Capone’s last Cadillac.    There was also a nice display of Jaguar’s which was nice to see as at that point I had agreed to buy my E-Type but it had not yet arrived from Oregon.

I drove my 560SEC down which was a great highway car – despite the distance it was well worth it and I would go again if I still lived in the area.

2016 Shannons Sydney Late Autumn Classic Auction

The next Shannons auction is to be held in Sydney on Monday so I went to the viewing day to see the cars offered for sale.

Even though nothing really grabbed my at this auction it is always well worth going and taking a look around.    Much of the stock were muscle cars,some Aussie some American.

The cars that did interest me the most were:

 1934 Hudson Straight 8


I know little about these cars but it has loads of character and looks like it is in nice condition.    They expect $40-$50,000.

1950 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley Sports Sedan


I know little about these either and it looks more stately than sporty, but it caught my eye.

1958 Jaguar XK150 FHC

I like XK jaguar FHCs but this one didn’t really catch my eye.   While I prefer the 140, 150s can be striking too, but I don’t think cream suits the car at all.   I also didn’t particularly like the extra console in the dash.    The $75-$90,000 price seems right though.


1960 Mercedes 190SL

190SL values have gone stratospheric in the  last couple of years and they have attracted a whole new set of buyers, generally younger than the normal classic car buyer.   They a stunning car to look at, but I still feel they are overpriced and will always be in the shadow of the 300SL.

This car is in quite nice condition, although the white paint behind the Mercedes star looks very odd.   The interior is worn, but in a good way.   Generally the car is in nice condition and while I think they are overpriced it will probably go for what they suggest $140-$150k.






450SLC Repaint completed

The 450SLC is complete and I picked it up over the weekend.    What a difference from the faded original paint at the front of the car – it is like having a new one.



The respray took place over three weeks (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).  In addition, rust was cut out, and the air cleaner was re-painted.

450SLC Repaint part 3

The 450SLC is now completed.   Last week the actual spraying was done, and this week the car was polished, re-assembled and checked.    I do my final inspection and collect the car this weekend.


In addition to having the car re-sprayed, I had the air cleaner resprayed in black and the chrome arch covers removed as they can attract rust.    The brackets that attach the fog lights were also done.