Ad of the week: Coupe d’Etat

This weeks Ad features the introduction of the 220SE Coupe, photographed in front of an Austrian castle.

Mercedes W111 220SE Coupe D'Etat

Ad of the week: The car has its ups and downs

This week features a great ad highlighting the Hydropneumatic suspension of the Citroen DS.

Citroen DS up and Down

Ad of the week: 280SE W111

This weeks ad features a double page ad featuring the 280SE Cabriolet W111 to the pre war 540K.   The choice of the desert scene is rather odd for these type of cars, and the picture feature the American model with the strange front running lights.

Mercedes 280SE W111 PictureMercedes 280SE W111 Text only

Ad of the week: Mercedes racing engineers

This weeks ad tries to link the mainstream 60s models from Mercedes Benz to the racing programmes of the 50s.   It is actually not that far fetched as the overhead cam motor in the W108 250SE pictured did have fuel injection and there would have been lessons learned from the racing programme.

Mercedes Racing Engineers

New old stock Bonnet for the DS

After my unfortunate DS crash I was able to locate a new old stock bonnet for my DS.   The bonnet for the DS is aluminium which makes repairing the current bonnet rather difficult.  I have heard that at least in 1955, this was the largest single aluminium panel on a car, but I don’t know if this true or not.   I can attest to how light the bonnet is.


I doubt there are many of these left in the world, let alone in Sydney.   I was even able to borrow a Berlingo with 500,000km on its original clutch to transport it!   This worked out really well as I was worried about a deliver driver damaging the fragile bonnet getting it to me.


250SE Freshening up

I had ordered a few parts for the 250SE a few months ago but had not yet had a chance to fit them.   The first was the winder knob for the front quarterlight on the drivers side.  I had found a reproduction one of these on ebay and mine was slightly warped, so the inner disc that hides the screw kept falling out.

The problem was when I came to fit the new one, it was not quite the same.   I am not sure if this is because this knob was changed for later cars such as the W114, but luckily the old disc fitted into the new knob.   The one on the right is the original one.


Next in cleaning the boot, I noticed under one of my mats was the wire for the boot light, which was missing.   I was able to thread the wire through its proper channel to where the boot light should be, and have purchased a new boot light.      The good thing is that this part is not be unique to the coupe/cabriolet.  Similarly, the cover for the fuel sender was missing and this part is also not unique to the cabriolet.


While I was ordering those parts, I also ordered the correct windscreen washer hose so I can relocate the bottle to the correct spot under the bonnet, the sticker for the boot, the small black inserts for the door release, and a white gearshift knob.   When my car was purchased it had a black steering wheel, and the previous owner preferred the Ivory one, which was an option for the 250SE.   However, the wheel, horn pad and knob should all match.


The little inserts for the door handles were also an easy fit and hide the screw underneath.   They had always been missing on the car since I had owned it.


It was then a good time to give the car a quick wash for the upcoming German car show.


Ad of the week: 1963 Dodge 426

This weeks ad focuses on the mid size dodge models with the 426 RB motor (note this is not the fearsome 426 hemi engine).   As was the focus of the time, the emphasis is on drag strip times.

Dodge 426

Ad of the week: Citroen Technology

This weeks ad focuses on how innovative a car company Citroen was before it was merged with Peugeot.    The two cars shown are very similar to my two citroens – the Traction on the top although that is a French made traction and the DS21, which is a Pallas model unlike mine.     This is a great depiction of Citroen’s two greatest designs.

Citroen DS Traction

Frontal Damage to the DS

Today I went to the Citroen Car Club meeting to get the historic rego signed for my Traction Avant.   I am not often able to attend these meetings so it was good to catch up with the members.   I even won a prize!

I took the DS and it was running really nicely on the way home,  it is such a relaxing car to drive.

Unfortunately, disaster struck during parking when I knocked it into gear and sent it flying into a post.    After at least 10 years insured with Shannons this will be my first claim with them.  I hear they are easy to deal with and I hope I am able to have a quality repair done inside my agreed value.


My main concern is given the age of the paint and the level of fade etc, the whole car will probably need repainting.  This and minimum a new bumper up front plus extensive damage to the aluminum bonnet and the wings.   I hope all the duct work for the radiator is not damaged.

2016 German Car Show

This year the Mercedes-Benz Club concours and the German car show were combined into a single event.   Overall this seemed to work reasonably well as they opened up additional paddocks and it meant one of the best turnouts of Benz’s for some years.    For some reason the turnout for the other German makes was rather poor, and perhaps they were assuming it was a Mercedes event as there were a handful of BMWs, Porches and the odd Audi/VW.

The star of the show without a doubt was the 1938 230 Cabriolet ‘A’.   Not only an incredibly rare car but an excellent restoration.   This car was the standout despite a Gullwing less than 10 meters away.

The other noticeable thing was the renaissance of the W116.   Previously hardly sighted at events apart from the 6.9, well maintained examples were particularly well represented, outnumbering most other models entered for judging.  Even more surprising was the dearth of W123’s – none entered for judging and only a couple at the event.  Considering globally the W123 has a lot of interest as a modern classic and the W116 is mostly overlooked, this was quite a surprise.

I entered my car for judging, not because I expect to win (I don’t), but mainly to park it with the really nice cars, and always with the possibility that the real show cars might not turn up on the day!  While my 250SE is in excellent condition, it is not a show car and I don’t have much interest in making it one.

The day started and ended with a fair amount of rain, which given the soft top was wet on arrival back at the warehouse, it gave me a good opportunity to shampoo it.   My neighbor was rather amused to see me hosing off the excess shampoo in the rain afterwards!