Ad of the week: New DS21

This weeks ad covers the launch of the DS21 – still on the 2nd nose.   The introduction of the DS21 started to address the concerns about the lack of power in the DS, the main point of criticism over its 20 year life.    The car was originally supposed to have an air cooled flat six, but that never panned out.

Citroen DS FWD Hydro Syspension

Ad of the week: Mercedes 300SL

This weeks ad covers the 300SL Roadster after it was launched to replace the Gullwing.   The Ad focuses mostly on performance – a strong point for these cars.

Mercedes 300SL Getaway Car

2016 French car day

Today was the annual French car display day.   As usual a good day out, including my Traction Avant taking out 1st place in the pre 1955 category.

Attendance was down this year compared to last year as the weather was a bit iffy this morning.     But it turned out nice enough in the end.   A humorous side show was a member of the Citroen car club arriving in his GS with only three wheels, showing off the ability of Hydraulic suspended Citroens to do it.    This car was for sale and he was trying to attract attention, which he achieved.

While the number of DS on display was down from prior years, there were some lovely restored examples.   But the highlight was probably the selection of of turn of last century cars, which were in great condition.

The great shed tour of 2016

As you go to car shows and car club events, you realize that there are many more big car collections out there than you would expect.  Not just celebrities like Jay Leno, but people who live in the same city as you who have extensive and interesting car collections.     Friends of mine think I am nuts owning 5 cars, but it is nothing compared to some of the collections out there.

The Mercedes Club organized a tour of 4 ‘sheds’ today, allowing club members to see some of the collections that normally remain behind closed doors.

  1. The first shed had four interesting cars, a lovely W111 220SE coupe in red, a Chrysler Valiant, a Jaguar Mk2 and a Mustang.   They were all in good condition and the Jag and Chrysler had modified interiors.   The 220SE was the pick for me in excellent condition.
  2. The Second was a series of about four sheds and was a really eclectic collection.   Probably centered around Daimlers, but there were Singers, Lanchesters, Panhards, Saabs, Jensens and a big collection of motorbikes.   Conditioned ranged from good to parts cars and everything in between.   The Pick for me would have been a Lanchester Limo and the Jensen.
  3. Shed #3 had a British sports car theme, with Jaguars (including a pair of immaculate 4.2 E-Types), Lotus’, Triumph, MG, Ford GT40 and more
  4. Shed #4 had an equine theme, with one shed filled with rare Mustangs and a second with Ferrari’s.

Obviously to respect the generosity of the people who opened their collection to the club today, I can’t name the location or any names, but there were some lovely cars to look at, and you could have spent hours exploring Shed #2 and still found more stuff hiding away.

Ad of the week: New Jaguar XKE

This is a great ad from the launch of the E-Type in 1961.    It shows both body styles, the Fixed Head and the Open Top.   In the USA, the XK series had great name recognition so the E-Type was marketed as the XK-E.

Jaguar New XKE

Ad of the week: Citroen DS 3rd Nose

This weeks Ad covers the face lift of the Citroen DS that gave us the 3rd nose.   This is the American version, so it unfortunately depicts the ugly American version of the lights – covered lights were not allowed, nor were turning or load leveling headlights.

Citroen DS Facelift

Finny vs Ponton (Roundie) styling

A display at the Gosford Car museum offered an interesting comparison between the Ponton and Finnie 220S models with two parked next to each other in the same colour.   The W111 finnie set a design trend through the 60s and early 70s for Mercedes.


Obviously the major differences are at the front and the back with the tail fins, updated lights from the 300SL roadster etc, but there are numerous subtle changes that show the evolution between these two models.   The Mercedes grille started its transition from tall and narrow to wide and flat over 50 years with this model, and the W111 shared the trend with many late 50s designs with a much larger glass area and ‘airy’ cabin.


The lower spec W110 is actually more visually similar to the Ponton, but I personally find it a rather awkward transitional design compared to the W111.



Ad of the week: Fiat 1100

This is a really odd Fiat ad for the 1100.    The text covers some of its features, but the picture and the reference to the tolls is bizarre.    Obviously they are staying it is so fuel efficient that tolls won’t be a problem.

Fiat Tolls

Ad of the week: Mercedes 230SL

This is a great Ad for the W113 230SL depicting it as a temptress preying on well heeled men.   It would been seen as Sexist today but I think it is rather clever and fits in well with the car.

Mercedes 230SL Men with Money

Ad of the week: Jaguar Mk2 3.8

This ad show the Mk2 3.8l Jaguar for the US market.  It is a rather odd ad in that it depicts the car in some kind of storm, but the car is so small you can hardly see it.   The Styling and performance are the two big buying reasons for the 3.8 mk2 and this ad doesn’t really accentuate either of them.

Jaguar 3.8